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Judge Gordon Murray Honored with the Ally Award by the Haitian Lawyers Association

The Honorable Judge Gordon Murray, a distinguished figure within the Miami-Dade County legal community and beyond, was recently awarded the prestigious Ally Award by the Haitian Lawyers Association (HLA) at their annual gala. This accolade comes on the heels of Judge Murray receiving the 2023 Chief Justice Award for Judicial Excellence, an honor bestowed by Florida Chief Justice Carlos Muñiz in recognition of Judge Murray’s exceptional commitment to the judiciary and his unwavering dedication to justice and community service.


The Ally Award, presented by the HLA, acknowledges individuals outside the Haitian community who have significantly contributed to the advancement and support of Haitian legal professionals and the broader Haitian-American community. Judge Murray's efforts have been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding and cooperation between various communities and the legal profession, underscoring his commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Described as The Community Judge, his commitment to improving access to justice through innovative programs like CourtHELP and creating an early dispute resolution portal has significantly enhanced the legal process for Miami-Dade residents. Furthermore, through his unwavering mentorship, Judge Murray has become a beacon of knowledge and support for young lawyers, offering invaluable guidance and fostering a culture of excellence and ethics in the legal profession. Judge Murray's dedication to nurturing the next generation of legal professionals is exemplified by his role as a mentor judge, a prestigious designation by the Florida Supreme Court that highlights his commitment to guiding and inspiring young lawyers and judges.


Judge Murray, prominent Black male, holds up trophy
Judge Murray holds the trophy for the Ally Award

Upon receiving the award, Judge Murray expressed his heartfelt gratitude for this recognition's importance. "I am deeply honored to receive the Ally Award from the Haitian Lawyers Association. My efforts to support the Haitian community and to advocate for justice and equality are driven by my belief in the strength of unity and the importance of solidarity. This recognition is not only a personal honor but a reminder of the continuous work we must all do to support each other in our quest for equality and justice," said Judge Murray.


Judge Murray's notable contributions include his proactive engagement in community outreach programs, mentorship to young Haitian-American lawyers, and advocacy for policies supporting the Haitian community in South Florida. His work has not only shown his dedication to the Haitian community but has also set a precedent for how individuals can use their positions to foster understanding and support for minority communities.


The Haitian Lawyers Association President, Veronique Malebranche, Esq., commended Judge Murray for his dedication and impact. "Judge Murray's contributions have made a significant difference in our community. His support extends beyond the courtroom, touching the lives of many in our community and helping to bridge the gap between different cultures and the legal system. We are proud to honor him with the Ally Award."


The recognition of Judge Murray by the Haitian Lawyers Association highlights the importance of allyship and the positive impact it can have on communities and professions alike. Judge Murray's example inspires others to support and advocate for minority communities, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.


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About the Haitian Lawyers Association


The Haitian Lawyers Association (HLA) is a voluntary bar association dedicated to promoting professional excellence among Haitian and Haitian-American legal professionals. The HLA is committed to advocating for the legal rights and interests of the Haitian community in the United States and abroad, providing legal resources, education, and community support.

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