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G.C. Murray II Presents “How to Make a Million” for Institute for Nonprofit Innovation & Excellence

On July 29, 2020, G.C. Murray II, Esq., RPL, presented the last course in the six part series How to Make a Million for the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence, INIE. Murray’s presentation, Maximizing | Wills, Endowments, and Trusts offered critical tips to benefit nonprofit organizations maximize donor contributions.

How does a small, nonprofit organization grow to become a thriving, $1,000,000 organization?

As a leader in the nonprofit sector, Murray helped guide participants through the process of utilizing legacy giving and estate planning to take nonprofit organizations to their fullest potential.

Murray equipped participants with the vocabulary and mechanics surrounding legacy building. Not only did participants learn about the basics and fundamentals, they were given a to-do list of how to make a million, or how to make a million more through complex legacy giving.

Participants were able to walk away with the confidence to start a legacy building plan and excitement to build a plan in which anyone can give. Participants understood that donors can be turned into legacy givers. And for those organizations that have already reached one million dollars, participants will learn how to take their legacy giving plan to the next level. This class is available for purchase through INIE.

Murray founded the Innovative Community Engagement (ICE) Foundation, which provides mentorship, service, and professional development in its servicing communities. Murray has provided thousands of hours of service to youth in Tallahassee and its surrounding communities since founding ICE in 2014. The organization, comprised of volunteers, is headquartered in Tallahassee and has chapters in South Florida, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville, Washington D.C, and Chicago. Murray leads each ICE initiative with passion and dedication.

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