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About G.C. Murray II, Esq.

Lawyer | Leader | Lobbyist

G.C. Murray II, Esq., DPL is a nationally recognized lawyer, leader, and lobbyist who has received numerous awards for his legal acumen and his philanthropy. He focuses on all aspects of nonprofit management including Federal and State compliance, organizational leadership, and high-level fundraising.

He has presented throughout North America on topics ranging from risk mitigation across social media platforms, to contextualizing and confronting biases, and the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. His strong devotion to community enrichment inspired his founding of the Innovative Community Engagement (ICE) Foundation which was recently recognized in the Congressional Record of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Attorney Murray is a trailblazer having been the youngest Chair of The Florida Bar Code and Rules of Evidence Committee, the youngest Fellow of the Wm. Reece Smith Jr. Leadership Academy, and one of the youngest to receive the Designated Professional Lobbyist (DPL) designation. Each year, Attorney Murray presents to associations, nonprofits, agencies, and other corporations.

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